Diligent Research, Actionable Insights

DTRA is a team of highly experienced blockchain researchers, pioneering a brighter and more responsible future for blockchain investments.

Your Research and Advisory Partners

Escalating Earnings, Diversifying Portfolios, and Mitigating Risk

Adapted to You

DTRA serves clients from a broad spectrum of the blockchain landscape. Working with your individualized goals in mind, we filter through the noise, turning raw data into profitable insights.

Invest with Confidence

Budding investors and multi-million dollar funds rely on DTRA to make critical decisions with confidence.

Insights, Not Data

In today’s information overload, it’s not about how much data you can gather, but what you can do with it. DTRA reports are exhaustive, not exhausting.

Our Promise


DTRA takes a very serious stance in our commitment to remain an objective research firm. We do not hold funds or invest for our clients. As an organization, we function only to further the potential of our clients. This clarity of purpose allows us to offer the level of service we pride ourselves on, without bias. We assess new prospects through two lenses: how they serve our clients, and how they serve the overall health of the blockchain ecosystem.


The entire team remains informed of industry trends, upcoming technologies, and regulatory shifts at all times. Withholding truly unforeseeable circumstances, we will not be caught by surprise. This is fueled as much by our personal passion for the field as it is from the responsibility we have to our clients.

Our Services

On Demand

The amount of information surrounding this field can be overwhelming, and is rarely unbiased or properly cited. When our clients contact us with an opportunity or strategic consideration, we promptly assign team members to pursue the prospect from all angles.


All the research we conduct is distilled into exhaustive reports that strike a balance between raw information and clear recommendations. We bring insights, not just data, to the table.


We take in a large amount of data on a daily basis, conducting technical analysis on current and upcoming projects. In addition, we run daily checks on all major exchange platforms and test wallet securities.

Due Diligence

The opportunities we bring our clients are carefully vetted. When conducting our due diligence, we look into team members and their past work, analyze business models, goals, revenue streams, investors, and logistics. We also verify that all regulatory matters are in place.

Investment Strategy

DTRA conducts exhaustive research on all facets of the blockchain world so that our clients can confidently make crucial investment decisions. Through market research, technical analysis, due diligence, and on-demand consultation, we help our clients manage risk, and fuel growth and diversification.

Ongoing Advisors

DTRA aims to empower companies and projects that bring lasting value to this field. From time to time, we assume an ongoing advisory capacity, forming lasting partnerships with promising start-ups in order to help them achieve their mission.

Our Clients

Meticulously researched, peer-reviewed reports fuel actionable insights, and a consistently satisfied clientele. Our clients range from casual investors, to investment management companies, to large funds that trust DTRA to guide large amounts of capital. Every client receives an individualized approach, tailored to their goals and risk aversion preferences.

We are intent on keeping a small client base, so that we may properly focus our energies on the few we serve.

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DTRA’s thorough reporting, due diligence, and on-demand consultation empower you to navigate the volatile waters of the blockchain investments while extracting as much value as possible along the way. Get in touch to see how we can serve you.